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Oriental Semiconductor was founded in 2008, the registered capital of 67.376367 million yuan, is a technology driven semiconductor technology company, as a core technology of semiconductor devices field has profound technology accumulation, focus on technological innovation of semiconductor devices, with a number of core patent semiconductor devices. In the second half of 2013, the technical paper of the Semi-Floating Gate device originally produced by Oriental Semiconductor was published in the American journal Science, marking the first major breakthrough made by domestic scientists in the direction of semiconductor core technology. The News Network Broadcast, People's Daily and other media have carried out the headlines, causing the high attention of the industry at home and abroad. In 2016, the core chip for the DC high-power charging pile of new energy vehicles independently developed by Oriental Semiconductor was successfully mass produced, breaking the monopoly of foreign manufacturers. At present, Oriental Semiconductor has become a leader in the field of high performance power semiconductors in China, and has taken a solid step to replace imported semiconductor products in the field of new energy. Our products have entered into a number of international first-line customers and received unanimous praise from customers.




Oriental Semiconductor was registered in Suzhou Industrial Park, focusing on the original semiconductor device structure and technology innovation and development.


Oriental Semiconductor was supported by Suzhou Industrial Park Leading Talents Program.


Oriental Semiconductor invented the world's first Semi-Floating Gate Transistor, which can be used in new type memory, photosensitive devices and power devices.


The technical paper of Semi-Floating Gate device was officially published in the American journal Science, which is the first time in China, and be broadcast by news network headline long report On August 9. Our team was received by Li Xueyong, then governor of Jiangsu Province, Cao Jianlin, vice Minister of Science and Technology.


Oriental Semiconductor began to mass produce localized super junction series high-voltage and high-power MOSFET, and becoming the first manufacturer to mass produce industrial-grade high-power series high-voltage MOSFET in China.


The core power chip used in charging pile of new energy vehicle of Oriental Semiconductor has been successfully mass produced, becoming the first domestic manufacturer to enter the field of core chip of charging pile, which has been widely reported by mainstream media such as People's Daily.


SFGMOS, the original structure invented by Oriental Semiconductor, has achieved mass production and entered the application fields of new energy vehicle driver, battery protection and synchronous rectification.


 GreenMOS high-power super junction MOSFET of Oriental Semiconductor occupies the first place in the market share among domestic brands, is far ahead in high-end applications such as charging piles.


The innovative IGBT of Oriental Semiconductor has entered mass production with world-class performance.

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