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In order to meet the demand of high efficiency and minification of power supply system, Oriental Semiconductor has launched a new GreenMOS series of high voltage MOSFET, which adopts unique patented device structure and manufacturing process. GreenMOS product has faster switching speed and softer switching curve than conventional MOSFET, which can greatly restrain switch oscillation while obtaining extremely low dynamic loss. It can not only greatly improve system efficiency and reduce heating, but also simplify system EMI design.GreenMOS series products cover the whole series of 500V~900V, can provide up to 100A static current specifications, high operating frequency up to 2MHz, can meet the needs of various power systems. Based on its characteristics of high efficiency and low temperature rise, it is especially suitable for PD charger, LED power supply, communication, server power supply, electric vehicle charging pile and other systems.


Generic series:The Generic series products includes a full range of 500V~900V, with low on-resistance, low gate charge, low static and dynamic losses, and can be widely used in a variety of high-performance power conversion fields.
S-series (EMI Optimization)The S-series products optimize the switching speed based on the Generic series products to achieve better EMI compatibility with lower switching speed, especially suitable for low-power power supply systems such as LED lighting, chargers, adapters, etc.
E-series (EMI Balance)The E-Series products combine the characteristics of Generic series products and S-series products to achieve the balance between switching speed and EMI, especially suitable for TV power supply, industrial power supply, etc.
Z-series (Fast Recovery)The Z-series products are integrated with fast recovery diode (FRD), with fast reverse recovery speed, very low switching loss and high reliability, especially suitable for all kinds of half-bridge, full-bridge topological circuit, motor drive, charging pile, etc.
SuperSi seriesThe SuperSi series is specially optimized for switching speed with extremely low FOM and switching speed comparable to gallium nitride MOSFET, especially suitable for high-density power systems such as PD chargers, module converters, large-screen TVS, displays, etc.

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